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Get Board Certified

Board Certification for Pharmacy Specialists is a relatively new concept in Malaysia. Although it is new here, the US Board of Pharmcy Specialties (BPS) was established almost 40 years ago in 1973.

BPS has come a long way from merely offering Specialization in Oncology to the six specialties namely

1) Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS)
2) Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist (BCACP)
3) Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist (BCNP)
4) Board Certified Oncology Pharmacy (BCOP)
5) Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist (BCNSP)
6) Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP)

and it's two sub-specialties under BCPS which are

1) Added Qualifications in Cardiology
2) Added Qualifications in Infectious Disease

There is also talk of two new specialties being develop

1) Board Certified Critical Care Pharmacist
2) Board Certified Pediatric Pharmacist

There are 12,867 Board Certified pharmacists to date.

Board Certified Pharmacists span globally, with many countries, such as Singapore, recognizing these Pharmacists as Specialists.

It is the interest of the Malaysian Group of Pharmacy Specialists to advocate the same in Malaysia.

BPS Certification is a Peer Developed and Peer Recognized qualification.

An essential (and exceptional) element of the BPS certification process is its dependence on an expanded peer group for both specialty recognition and exam content. Who better to structure that than expert practitioners themselves?

Once a specialty area has been recognized, a Specialty Council of content experts works with the BPS and its highly qualified psychometric consultants to develop a bank of test items. Each Council is composed of six pharmacists practicing in the specialty area along with three outside pharmacists. In addition, BPS routinely solicits questions from practitioners working in the field, ensuring a democratic examination with real-life relevance.

Certification examinations, consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions, are administered annually at designated sites throughout the USA and other countries. To ensure that knowledge and skills are maintained at the specialty level, each BPS pharmacist must recertify every seven years.

BPS also recognizes focused practice areas within the core specialties. The term, "added qualifications," represents an enhanced level of training and experience within a practice area. Candidates for added qualifications submit a structured portfolio, which is assessed by the Specialty Council in accordance with published standards.

BPS continually evaluates and updates its certification and recertification processes. Approximately every five years, a new role delineation study is conducted for each specialty, with examinations modified accordingly.

With Board Certification, it certainly raises the bar of current Pharmacists.

Will you get Board Certified?

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